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How to integrate print and digital media

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We are in an age of digital media and we cannot ignore this fact, but equally we cannot afford to ignore the value of printed materials.

It’s important to market your business in every way suitable to your product or service. That is why we use both digital and print media to promote our print business.

In this article, we have put together some tips for great marketing using print and digital mediums.

Have a consistent look and feel to your brand whether it be online or on paper.
Keep your website and all printed materials up to date.
Use both print and digital media to promote your product, service, promotion or offer.

On your company Printed Materials
•    Make sure you include your Website address and Email address
•    If you use them consistently, add your social media sites such as your Blog, Youtube, Facebook and Twitter addresses and logos.
•    Use QR Codes to bring customers directly to what they are interested in. If a client scans the QR code for product or service X then they should be brought directly to product X information.

QR Codes can also be used to share contact information.
Go to and choose “code type” “contact information”, fill in your contact information and generate the QR code. When someone scans the code it will give them the option to save all your contact details.
Let people know if you have a newsletter (either print or digital) and direct them to where they can sign up.

On your website
•    Links to PDF versions of your company information such as Leaflets and publications.
•    Have a form to order printed versions of your leaflets and publications.
•    Have Links to PDF versions of application and order forms.
•    Have Links to your social media sites.
•    Promote signing up for a printed or digital newsletter to your customers and prospects.
•    Use both print and digital media to promote your product, service, promotion or offer.

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