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Marketing Tips for Business Printing

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Even with so much correspondence and marketing being conducted by email, there is still a need for good quality printed materials to successfully promote your business. When you use branded stationery or give a potential client a well-designed business card, you are making the right impression – the impression of a confident and well-establised business.

Corporate Stationery
The important things to remember when choosing your printed stationery are the quality of the paper you use and the quality of the print. Your company stationery should be a seemless extension of all your other branding activities. Ensure it is professionally designed, with clear and concise information.

Company Posters
These can be a very effective way of promoting your business. Using them on your premises is great for reinforcing your brand message and motivating staff. Use striking imagery and keep wording to a minimum and include strong calls to action. Posters should be uncluttered with your business contact details clear and easy to read.

Company Brochures
Company brochures should showcase all the benefits you can offer your customers. Choose good quality images that cast your business in the best light. The layout is also very important and you should consult a professional to ensure that the brochure flows well and highlights all the important and unique elements of your business.

Make sure you get the right balance of text and imagery. Use striking imagery, clever graphics and clear calls to action to encourage readers to pick it up. Don’t be afraid to use humour!

You should use every opportunity to brand your business. If you are at an exhibition or making a presentation, having a well-branded pull-up banner or backdrop display looks professional and helps to focus the audience’s attention. It also reinforces your brand message and you will make a more memorable impact.

Promotional Products
Branded promotional products make perfect gifts for customers. Whether it is a pen, a ruler, a mug or a memory stick, make sure your company branding is clear and concise on all products. These handy and useful everyday items are great for brand awareness.


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