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We live in an ever technologically advancing world. We’ve gone from letter-writing, to faxes, to emails, to texting to WhatsApping in the blink of an eye. As our integration into smart technology ever expands, are you sometimes left doubting its reliability and stability? Why do we still print out so many emails? Is it ease of legibility or is it the feeling that a printed item is tactile and offers a subconscious reassurance to the user. Undoubtedly smart technology is making life easier, but is the lack of ‘hard-copy’ printed items generating subtle anxiety? Is there a way in which we can intregate both?

A reasonably recent development in the travel industry has seen the possibility of airlines now being able to send your boarding card as a QR code ( If you’d like to scan a QR code yourself (such as the one pictured on this blog) simply download a free app from an app store. There are a great variety of them online. Upon receipt, of your airlines QR code, all you have to do is ensure your code is accessible on your smart phone so it can be scanned while boarding and going through check-in.

Wonderful, no more fumbling around for boarding passes and tickets…. but there has to be a catch, there’s always a catch. What if you loose your phone, or worse it’s stolen on holidays, if the battery dies on the way to the airport, if you drop the phone and crack the screen the scanners will be unable to read your QR code you could be looking at unnecessary stress at the end of your holiday. We’d always recommend printing a hard copy. Print it at home, print it at work, wherever, but bring a printed copy of it with you. Save yourself these worries and stress by simply printing off your boarding pass and keeping it with your passport.

However there are many other uses for QR codes, here at Print Depot we can tailor a QR code so you can have unique personal details coded on your business card (it can then  be scanned and saved directly to the end users phone). They can also be placed on flyers or brochures where they interact to specific areas of your website. QR codes make your printed marketing material more interactive and give greater customer reach. Link your leaflets, stationery, brochures directly with your website. This added benefit builds on the reassurance a piece of printed marketing material offers a customer. A reassurance we are proud to offer here at Print Depot. (You can scan this code from your screen to try it out!) Airport WaitingQR PD Code

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