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Examples of good use of QR codes:

Examples of good use of QR codes:

There is an infinite number of ways to use QR codes to market your business. The convenience at which they can be used really makes them unique and a must for all companies and individuals to use.

  • On the door of a shop, bring up information on the shops opening hours, contact information, products, services provided and website.
  • On price tags in a store, take them to a full spec of the product.
  • On a ‘For Sale’ sign, give more information and possibly a video.
  • On your conference name tag, bring up contact information or website.
  • To connect to a Wi-Fi network, so there is no need for passwords.
  • Add to social media sites; pass on contact information or website.
  • Send a Tweet.
  • On your luggage, in case it gets lost.
  • On personal belongings, for example books.

Whether it is marketing new products, promoting special offers or protecting personal property QR codes are a simple highly effective tool that can bring added value to the user.