How to use QR codes

How to use QR codes

All you need to read a QR code is a smartphone and a QR code reader app, we recommend that you use the i-nigma app.

When you want to read a QR code all you have to do is launch the App and an on screen framing guide will appear and you will see that the device’s camera is activated. You now have to line the camera of your device up to the QR code you want to scan and hold the device steady until the App can read the code in front of it. When the App recognises the code it will display the information that was programmed into it.

Making a QR code is simple and anyone can do it, there are a host of websites that can do this for you, we would recommend using We would advise saving QR codes as EPS files as these can be easily re-sized without distorting the quality or affecting the code.


  • Ensure that QR codes lead to a site that has mobile friendly content.
  • Don’t have one in a place where it is impractical to be scanned, for example on motorway signage where the traffic moves quickly, or in an airline magazine.
  • Make the content of the QR code useful.
  • Don’t have one on your website that leads directly back to your website.